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What’s wrong with the people with the masks!?

Around December to end of April,if you come to Japan for the first time,and go to places ,you might think something is a little bit odd.
You’ll see some people wearing “surgical masks”on the street!(like the picture below)

Don’t worry, they’re OK!
and in Japan it’s natural to see some people wearing surgical masks around this season.
In fact they appear every year!So if you’re interested come to Japan in winter,to see!!

So why do they wear surgical masks?
these are the main reasons(I assume)
1. To prevent a cold or flue or those disies that are contagious.
2. When you have a cold,and don’t want people around you to catch it.
3. because they have allergies.Many people have”Hey fever”(cedar pollen allergy)in spring. so they wear a surgical mask to prevent the pollen from coming in to their body.
to be honest I don’t know how effective these masks are.But I think it’s like how you wear a sweater when we’re cold,for those who wears masks its natural to wear a mask when you have a cold or trying to prevent it.

The white plane surgical mask is popular but there are many kinds of masks out there.
If you want to wear masks but don’t like the big white surgical mask,
how about these?You can show originality or look fashionable!?
aren’t they cute!

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