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How to enjoy Shinkansen(新幹線)!

Shinkansen(新幹線),Japanese TGV, simply saying…very very fast train is a comfortable and fast way to travel around Japan.
Yes, it is comfortable, it is fun just by riding it, but many Japanese buy “Eki-ben” and enjoy more.

Do you know what “Eki-ben” is?
“Eki” means “station” in Japanese.
“Ben” is abbreviation of “Bento”.
So, it means that a Bento of a station.
All around Japan, there are many different kinds of food specialty of its place. They make bento with these food.

Japanese buy the “Eki-ben” and enjoy the ride eating “Eki-ben” and sometimes with a beer!
Sooooo much fun!

Why don’t you try!

+++++For those who are studying Japanese++++++++





2 thoughts on “How to enjoy Shinkansen(新幹線)!

  1. This is good for me to keep in mind! I too have forgotten how easily I crammed too much stuff into the garden before I learned how important proper spacing is. In just 5 more months I will be leaving my 12 month growing season in Sydney Australia and going back to the US. Then we will begin the hunt for our paradise in the mountains of Kentucky. Striving for lots and lots of room and peace to be creative and become sueiltnabas! As always I loved your writing and it inspires me to do so as well 🙂

    1. Dear Milly,

      Thank you very much for your comment!
      We hope that you enjoyed your stay in Sydney
      and hoping the you will come to Japan sometimes too!

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