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MIO went to KYOTO for a business trip!

The other day, MIO went to KYOTO for finding a new partner for REMIOjapan. She took several pictures of KYOTO so I would like to introduce them.

GION, a famous street old Japanese street.
If you have seen the movie, “SAYURI”, they took movie here!

Kamo-gawa (famous river in KYOTO)

You see people outside the restaurant?
You get to see Kamo-gawa while you eat and drink!

KYOTO is a very beautiful city. If you go to TOKYO, there are old temples but you would be more amused by the “NEW” Japan. Shibuya, Shinjyuku… there are KAWAII stuffs, high buildings new fashion etc. If you want to see the “OLD” Japan, I recommend you visit KYOTO. You can enjoy the traditional Japan!

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