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Peace in Japan

PEACEA peace in Japan

Japan is a country has many appeals like climate of the four seasons, beautiful sea and mountains and characteristic cultures.
I want to watch a point from the many appeals.
The point is a peace.
A people except Japanese would think that why Japan is so peaceful.
If we know the reason, we will get more deeply an understanding about Japan.

– Your lost money will be back!

Do you remember when the International Olympic Committee decided on 7 September in 2013 that the host nation of Olympic 2020 is Japan?
All Japanese people were happy and pleased a lot with the great success of Olympic invitation.
There are some factors in the success.
Many are talking that a deciding factor IOC was moved is a speech by Christel Takigawa.
Christel Takigawa is a very famous woman announcer in Japan.
She is so beautiful woman and also can speak English and French.
She addressed an audience of IOC about “Omotenashi” that Japanese has as a moral fiber.
“ Omotenashi “ is a word to express a hospitality to Japanese.
Japanese has a spirit that is “guest is a god”.
Christel Takigawa explained the audience that Japanese people are ready to welcome a people who will visit to Japan from all over the world for Olympic.
Her speeches pulled at their heartstrings a lot.

And she also continued to explain that why Japan is a safe place in the world.
She introduced an example the audience that if many who are visiting to Japan from foreign countries lost valuable like a phone or money in Japan, most of them will come back to their hands.
If a Japanese found the valuable on a street, he will deliver it to a police.
And if the valuable is with ID or passport, police will call and send you the valuable.
78% of lost phones and 65% of identification papers has been returned to the owners.
But a cloths and umbrellas is only 2%.
It’s so interesting.
Because the more expensive one the better, they’ll get come back to you.

– The reason Japan is in a peace

Some Japanese people put a purse or valuable on table to keep a sheets.
I think that foreign countries people can’t understand it.
If someone does it in other countries, the purse will be stolen by a thief immediately.
Actually, many Japanese people has been stolen purses and valuables in foreign countries.

Why is Japan a safe place better than other countries?
The reason is what a people of underclasses are very few among Japanese.
Motives of many crimes are money.
A gap between rich and poor is very tiny, and underclasses who are starving to death are a minority in Japan.
In 1947 Japan’s government that is under the control of General Headquarters from USA confiscated all lands from a riches.
And government sold these lands cheaply to many farmers.
Because of this reformation, Japan welcomed the end of the gap-widening society.

– Japan’s moral

And Japan has a good education of morals based on a culture of “shame “.
If we understand the meaning of shame, we can control our desires.
Shame means to lose a trust from a people.
Japanese respects to protect a trust among friends and family.
That’s why many of Japanese people has a peace with the morals.

Japan is an advanced country in the world as we know.
I hope Japan will lead the world as unique country has such a peace among advanced countries.
And I think it is a mission of Japan.

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