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A very nice cafe “Sabo GARAN 茶房 伽藍(さぼう がらん)” @Nagoya - Shop in Japan –

I went to a very nice cafe in Nagoya!
It is not in a good access so if you don’t have a plan of going near by, you may not be able to go… but this cafe is very nice!

You get to chose you coffee cup!

If you order this, the owner will make rice‐flour dumplings at your sight!
Tooooo good that my grandma goes here so often!

Shop Information:
Name : Sabo GARAN 茶房 伽藍(さぼう がらん)
Open Hours 11:00 ー 19:00 (Close on Tuesday)
Address : Nanzan-Building 1-D, 4-7, Kamiyama-cho, Syo-wa-ku, Nagoya
Tel : 052-831-0823


+++++For those who are studying Japanese++++++++


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