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It’s White Day

In Japan March 14th is White day.Many girls(womans) gets candy,chocolate’s,maybe jewerly from guys.Isn’t it a great day for the girls(womans)!But why do girls get presents on this day?
To explain about White Day I have to tell you about how Japanese Valentine’s Day means for us.
In Japan the main concept of Valentine’s Day is”girl gives chocolate to a boy she likes to show him how she feels.”
But nowadays girls also give chocolates to their guy friends,co-workers,family members etc too.
So if a guy get’s chocolates from girls it could mean “I love(like) you” or “I care . about you as a person.”
Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day it’s White Day.Now it’s the guy’s turn to give presents.
The guys who got chocolates from the girls gives candys,chocolates etc, as an thank you gift to the girls who gave them chocolates.
Either it’s Valentine’s Day gift,White Day gift,or any kind of gift,I’m sure it feels nice to get a present,even t’s really small.Don’t you think?
Happy White Day to you:)

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