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This seasoning storage consists of 3 cubic containers. It looks just like a traditional bento box; other than the fact that they are piled diagonally. This unique shape was made possible thanks to the magnetic force. Each cube can be used as independent seasoning container. All you have to do is to place the cubes close enough and they will stick together by themselves. Now only is the design unique and fascinating, but also it functions well.


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KAKUNODATE in AKITA prefecture is known for traditional residences and rows of cherry trees. This is where the crafts of wild cherry bark wood, KABAZAIKU have been inherited for over 230years. KABA specifically means the bark of Yama-Zakura tree, which makes the work completely unique. With original technique, it emphasizes its rich, deep color, glossiness of KABA. The craft provides a variety of everyday products with smoothness, strength and its moisture / dry proof character.

Message from KABAZAIKU artist


Item : Spice Container
Series : KABA
Type : Leaning tower of KABA
W x D x H = 35mm x 80mm x 125mm
Weight : 65g
Made in : JAPAN
Made from : Wild Cherry Bark, Wild Cherry, Magnet, Polyethlene, Urethane Lacquer
*Since the products are made with care, if lack of stock, it may take more than 1month.
(If you would like to make sure if there is a stock, please contact us before order.)
**Since KABA is natural material, the color and the pattern might differ from the picture on the site.Due to the natural material and the way it is made, there might be a small space when closing the lid.

Spice Container “Leaning tower of KABA”- KABA –

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