Ceramic jewelry Box “MizuHiki” in a Gift Box – MinoYaki –


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Remiojapan’s products use carefully selected materials. Thinking of the materials our products bring materials character the best. You can feel the materials attractive texture and its warmth.

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Item : Ceramic Jewelly Box “MizuHiki” with a Gift Box -MinoYaki-
W x L x H = 155mm x 110mm x 75mm
Weight : 900g
Made in : JAPAN
Made from : Ceramic
*Since the products are made with care, if lack of stock, it may take more than 1month.
(If you would like to make sure if there is a stock, please contact us before order.)
**We recommend not using the microwave. For more information about taking care of MinoYaki, please see the Instruction of Care.

Ceramic Jewelly Box “MizuHiki” in a Gift Box -MinoYaki-

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Delivery Date: 10~25days